As a filmmaker and a storyteller, I enjoy writing my own stories and scripts. When I write fiction I am especially inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey and Christopher Vogler’s interpretation The Writer’s Journey.


However I also enjoy writing non-fiction.
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Each month Prime Number Magazine publishes the winning story of their 53- word contest. Every contest has a theme. I made it my own little fun writing challenge to try and participate each month for the next...yes you guessed right 53 months. Below you can read my submissions.

03 - October 2019

Write about a misunderstanding.


Hell on Earth

Being surrounded by death, chaos, war, rape, hunger and injustice, he knew he had reached the realm of death and hell was his sentence. But he was not dead, and he was not in hell. In these days it was hard to tell right from wrong, real from virtual and death from life.

02 - September 2019

Write about making something that last.


Somewhere Between a Beginning And an End

A new land, a new feature, a new hope. This could be a new beginning for humankind, but an end for Eva. The food she had brought with her was scarce, and she had to eke out the rations to make them last at least another week.

Would they find her in time?

01 - August 2019

Write about running.


When Running Gets You Nowhere

Running out of toilet paper and knowing that my father, of all people, would be visiting later, I ran to the
convenience store. It was closed. A sign read:

Due to leak store remains closed until tomorrow.


“My dad will have to use pieces of paper from my notebook,” I thought to myself.