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“I am drawn to stories about humans, emotions, taboos, passion and social themes. I love quirky, funny, provocative, different and unexpected characters. I believe in diversity and equality for everyone. We filmmakers have a responsibility to show the world that the easy way is not always the best way. We have a responsibility to tell stories that matter and to do it in an ethical way. Only with struggle and hard work comes true satisfaction”.

I am a Danish (and according to a genetic test with quite a high percentage, although I also have 0.3% Siberian in me, and some Neanderthal) director and writer born on one of the coldest days of the Danish history of weather forecast; 32 degrees Celsius below zero. And it was exactly the cold climate and the urge for new adventures that made me move to Barcelona in 2005, where I live till this day today, only interrupted by my film studies in New York at the NYU School of Professional Studies.



Since I was a little girl I have known, that I wanted to be a storyteller and a filmmaker. The love and passion for telling stories is deeply rooted in me, and it is what truly brings me happiness. I have a variety of experience in writing, directing, editing and filming both as a freelancer and within production companies.

I am a member a several different groups:


EWA - European Women’s Audiovisual network, an organisation aiming to reach gender equality for women working in the film industry in terms of access to and opportunities for employment and funding throughout Europe.


DONES VISUAL - Catalan organisation that works to defend, promote and make effective the presence of women in the film industry.


THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY MASTERMIND GROUP - An international group of film industry professionals founded by Hollywood Editor Tina Imahara.

I am co-founder/leader of the group THE LEADING LADIES where I organise monthly online meetings for the female members of The Entertainment Industry Collaborators Group with such inspiring guests as Starr Parodi President of the Alliance for Women Film Composers and Emmy-nominated film composer Miriam Cutler.


Website, social media, CV, examples of work etc, can be found following this link:


It was a great experience working with Louise on our short film The Pill. Louise is highly astute and courteous with the entire team. She is professional but also went above and beyond to not only cover all corners but ensure the team received everything they needed. Louise is a great director and I look forward to working with her again.


 - Elaine Roberts – Miami based Excutive Producer

I had the pleasure of consulting Louise on her script, "The Pill", then watching her direct an international film production in the midst of a pandemic with humor, ease and optimism. Louise is an intelligent, passionate and driven director who is both sensitive and protective of her actors and flexible and open- minded with her crew, solving production challenges with solutions. Hard-working and dedicated to the art and craft of filmmaking, her greatest trait is that she leads with skill and kindness. I highly recommend Louise and look forward to working with her on future projects


- Sydney Leigh Soliz – Writer, Editor & Script Consultant

I produced one of Louise’s films and found her to be a highly skilled and creative director. She is supportive and helpful to everyone on set, and even in the most tense and stressed situations she never lost control or her good mood. She is organized and respectful of budget and shooting plan.


- Marta Lacima Ligero – Producer

Louise was the kind of director everybody would want: with a clear vision of her film, kind, wanting the crew to always be well and with an overall great sense of storytelling reflected in the finished short film. I still remember watching it at the premiere and thinking "wow, what a great director she is!"


- Massimo Perego Meroni – Award winning director / 1st AD

Louise is a well balanced and well orientated person with skills of overview and organization. She has distinct leader skills and she has shown a firm sense of directing.


-  Esben Høilund-Carlsen – Director / Teacher at the European Film College

Louise has a positive attitude and always works cooperatively and productively. Louise is a sensitive, thoughtful person who is also a self-starting, hard working individual.


- Falvio Alves – Award winning director

Louise was an outstanding student. She is a creative individual. It is my observation that she provided leadership not only on her own individual projects, but also on other students’ projects. Her attention to detail and her ability to follow through on ideas and get things done was impressive. I only wish that all of my students could be as dedicated as Louise.


- Gary Gasgarth – Director / Teacher at NYU – SPS

I first met Louise working on a short film and she was the 1st AD on it. She showed herself to be a passionate and thoughtful filmmaker all the while managing to communicate to a multi-national cast and crew in 3 languages! We subsequently then collaborated on more projects where Louise was the director. Again, her passion was palpable and her commitment to the craft is very apparent. She worked well with her actors, and was fantastic at communicating her ideas while being open to new viewpoints. I would not hesitate to work with Louise again!


- Eric Oh – Cinematographer CSC MYSC