"I first met Louise working on a short film and she was the 1st AD on it.  She showed herself to be a passionate and thoughtful filmmaker all the while managing to communicate to a multi-national cast and crew in 3 languages!  We subsequently then collaborated on more projects where Louise was the director.  Again, her passion was palpable and her commitment to the craft is very apparent.  She worked well with her actors, and was fantastic at communicating her ideas while being open to new viewpoints.  I would not hesitate to work with Louise again!"


- Eric Oh – Cinematographer CSC MYSC

"Louise is a brave and talented writer/director with a strong voice who loves to dive into complex matters. She gifted me with “Cristian” a character who made me grow as a person – a character with a thousand shades and full of depth and life. Louise is kind-hearted and shows both leadership and sensibility."


- Carlos Martinho – actor